Promotion Agreements are rapidly becoming a preferred model by Landowners of delivering a maximised return for potential development land, at no risk to the Landowner in navigating the planning process to achieve a planning permission.

This is where a Land Promoter will work to obtain residential planning permission at their own cost/risk, and if a successful planning permission is secured, the Promoter is then remunerated based on an pre-agreed percentage of the sites sale value (after the site is sold with planning permission secured to a Developer on the open market after comprehensive marketing).

The Promoter and Landowners objectives are fully aligned throughout the process – to maximise the end value of the site/land with planning permission. Powells act solely for Landowners in the negotiation of Promotion Agreements with Strategic Land Promoters as well as providing strategic development advice and project management of strategic development schemes.

Powells in-house Planning & Development team are also experienced in providing several Promotion models to assist landowners with realising development potential from their site/land on small to medium scale sites, which are not of interest to Strategic Land Promoters.

Our Full Promotion model provides for no planning costs/risks to the Landowner for pursuing planning permission for small to medium scale residential development, with our remuneration being received only once we have fully maximised the value of the site, upon the successful sale of the site/land with planning permission to a Developer.

Our team is skilled in maximising value at all stages of the planning and development process and has the addition skill set of being specialist development agents to maximise value at all stages of the marketing and sale process.

Powells work with a number of Investment Partners to fund site Promotion, which includes Shared Cost Models with clients, whereby this facilitates a site/land being explored to its potential.

For a free and no-obligation site assessment to consider whether your property or land has any development potential, or for further information regarding any of our Promotion Services, please contact David Powell or Stuart Leaver at Powells 01600 714140 |