Commencement set for new Monmouthshire LDP

A new Local Development Plan (LDP) for Monmouthshire is shortly about to commence, with a ‘Call for Candidate Sites’ being the initial consultation to commence the process, which is due during the late summer of 2018. It is anticipated there will be a two stage Candidate Site consultation process during 2018 & 2019.

The new LDP has been brought forward from 2022, as the current LDP (adopted in 2014) has failed to deliver the number of houses required by the Welsh Government. The new LDP, once adopted, is set to run until 2033.

As a firm of Chartered Surveyors & Development Agents, Powells have extensive expertise in specialising in land, planning and development matters. We provide independent professional advice to landowners, along with undertaking development plan representations, to promote development opportunities for landowning clients, throughout the LDP stages.

Any landowners with sites potentially suitable for development are encouraged to come forward urgently for a free no-obligation initial planning appraisal to be undertaken. Powells can then advise on the appropriate stages of the LDP process to how best to try and secure a development allocation for any sites that do have development potential.

Powells assisted a number of clients with the successful allocation of sites under the current LDP. There are a number of complex stages to the LDP process which often require detailed representations with supporting technical evidence, as well as engagement with the LDP forward planning team to try and secure a development allocation. Professional representation is important to provide your site with the best opportunity for a successful allocation.

For a free no-obligation initial planning assessment of any site, or further information on the LDP process, please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Leaver (Head of Planning & Development) or David Powell for a fully confidential discussion. 01600 714140 |