David Powell of Powells Chartered Surveyors urges landowners or tenants to seek professional representation if any approach is made by a utility company seeking access to their land. Over the next few years, Powells are aware there is a large number of infrastructure or maintenance works which utility companies will be undertaking to new or existing pipelines / lines. Therefore, landowners may well receive an approach from utility companies for access and rights to allow new schemes or for the maintenance of existing infrastructure.

Often companies make an initial approach for walk over surveys prior to finalising the detail of any works and serving formal documentation. David recommends that as soon as any notification is received to seek professional advice and refer the enquiring authority to your selected agent. David specialises in all types of utility scheme compensation and compulsory purchase matters and advises that professional fees are usually payable in full by any of the enquiring authorities. David also adds that it is important to select an agent that specialises in such matters and can advise on the necessary practicalities and relevant compensation.

There are a number of ‘Heads of Claim’ that make up a Statement of Claim submitted on behalf of the landowner or tenant can include payments for access for intrusive surveys such as boreholes, any crop losses incurred, consent payments, disturbance payments, reinstatement of the site, claimants time spent involved in the matter as well as professional and any legal fees. David says “there is no reason not to seek professional representation from an expert when fees are paid by the relevant authority”. David also adds, “We come across many landowners affected by utility works on their land and have dealt directly with an authority and then have not received the different elements of compensation or rates they are entitled to”.

There are often additional payments for items such as storage which we can secure for clients, as well as additional works on site, which often improve the land and leave it in a better state than prior to any works. All of these matters can be negotiated on behalf of the affected parties if we are appointed to advise at the outset.

Powells Chartered Surveyors specialise in all elements of negotiating utility works or compulsory purchase compensation for landowners or tenants, for a non-obligation discussion or further advice, please contact David Powell on 01600 714140 or email [email protected]